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Heritage O.P. is an acoustic percussion and vocal ensemble that fuses the rich cultural traditions and diasporal rhythms of Africa – from South America to the Caribbean – with African American tradition and modern musical trends. Their sound is contemporary with a strong beat and positive lyrics designed to uplift, inspire, and move the listener to dance. They do this, however, using mostly traditional instruments as they share a deep respect for the beauty of acoustical sound and natural resonance. Hence, the “O.P.” stands for organic percussion.


Hear the Drums

Feel the passion, taste the rhythms of your spirit through drums and percussion (all played by hands).


Farid Johnson interviews Heritage OP

Farid Johnson interviews Heritage OP about the release of their new CD (Release party February 2nd at STUDIO 145 @ Intersections) and the origins of the group and music style which draws from calypso, reggae, African, and Brazilian music.

Love One Another

Heritage OP with Jason Shelton and the First UU Nashville Singers invite you to listen to a track from their most recent album.

Praise & Acclaim

Healing music...the kind I like the best
Jazz Critique
An energetic and upbeat CD. . .for getting yourself into a great mood
Totally positive and uplifting. . .a truly powerful percussion celebration
Modern Drummer
Inspirational. . .with a soulful touch
Weight Watchers
Out of Africa. . .pick up Heritage and get down at home
Africa’s harvesting
Universal Healing is a seamless music travelogue of Africa Diaspora. . .that sustains love making, movement, meditation. . .and good intentions
The Dancers’ Magazine
Let yourself get wrapped up in the diverse. . .rivers of music
Free Spirit
Long after the CD is over, the gentle rhythms still beat in my head
Bernard White
Producer & Co-Host - Wake-Up Call WBAI NYC
A repository and purveyor of profound spiritual truisms essential for the proliferation of life
Reginal Yates
Distinguished Dance Artist, Choreographer & Historian
Intelligence and imagination... with a very unique style of it’s own
Chico O’Farrill
Grammy Award Winning Arranger, Composer & Conductor
A creation from the soul, and it is good
Chief Bey
Master Drummer & Ethnomusicologist
The funkiest and swingin’ drumming I’ve heard
Bruce Mack
President - Black Rock Coalition
Exciting, exhilarating as well as healing
Babatunde Olatunji
World Renowned Master Drummer & Teacher
The finest I’ve heard, and I mean it
Ron Carter
Jazz Bass Legend
Absolutely riveting...totally inspiring...
Judith Jamison
Artistic Director - Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
Rhythm to live by...
Sonny Rollins
Living Jazz Legend

Upcoming Shows

Be sure not to miss this! Come and watch us perform!!
Do Contact us if you want us to perform for you.

January 31, 2019
Poland Tour 2002

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October 19, 2018
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November 23, 2017
Javits Center
Manhattan NYC
Workshop with Guest Drummer

Come early at 9PM

August 21, 2017

Video from Shows

Past Shows

Be sure not to miss this! Come and watch us perform!!
Do Contact us if you want us to perform for you.

August 31, 2018
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Take a Workshop

Educational, fun and inspiring, Heritage takes it's audience on a rhythmic journey full of call and response chanting and hands-on experience with percussion instruments from Africa and the diaspora. History and culture are passed on through Heritage's drum driven music.



Heritage O.P. Inc.
P.O. Box 6369, Bronx, NY 10451-1705, USA

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