Come to the River

Heritage O.P. with Jason Shelton and the First UU Nashville Singers

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HERITAGE O.P.'s new CD release "COME TO THE RIVER" in collaboration with JASON SHELTON and THE FIRST UU NASHVILLE SINGERS is an anthem for the dawning unity of humanity. A call for all to move together with love and harmony. HERITAGE O.P.'s new music fuses heart-throbbing, soul-stirring grooves, euphoric rhythms and passionate voices with a message of inspiration for our bold new era of compassion and understanding - a unique reunion of the drums as it embraces modern inspirational gospel. "COME TO THE RIVER" and let the spirit of truth flow through you!

Track Listing
  1. ‍Invocation
  2. Spirit of Truth
  3. Faith
  4. Find It
  5. Love Light
  6. Gratitude
  7. Pass This Way
  8. Love One Another
  9. Benediction

When I Start To Play

Heritage O.P.

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Feel the passion, taste the rhythms of your spirit through drums and percussion (all played by hands). This CD is a modern interpretation of Africa, The Caribbean, New Orleans, Brazil and Cuba. With positive English lyrics, melodic Mbiras and Marimba.

Quotes from the Leaders

 "I'm still Heritage O.P.'s biggest fan. I recommend that you check out their great new CD 'When I Start to Play' and stay tuned" - Sonny Rollins, Living Legend of Jazz.

Track Listing
  1. ‍When I start to play
  2. Marcha del Espiritu
  3. This is the place
  4. Dance in my soul
  5. Freedom
  6. In search of utopia
  7. Laughter
  8. C'mon now
  9. Get up get up
  10. Spirit of joy
  11. Be shaker
  12. On the dance floor
  13. Let the rain fall

Universal Healing

Heritage O.P.

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Experience power of the healing drums (all played by hands), melodic sounds of the Mbiras, sultry vocals, and a mountain of mesmerizing percussion on 2 CDs. You will be inspired to reach your highest potential through love. It's like nothing you have heard.

Quotes from the Leaders

"Exciting, exhilarating as well as healing" - Babatunde Olatunji, World Renowned Master Drummer & Teacher.

"A repository and purveyor of profound spiritual truisms essential for the proliferation of life" - Reginald Yates, Distinguished Dance Artist, Choreographer & Historian. 

"A creation from the soul and It is good" - Chief Bey, Master Drummer & Ethnomusicologist. 


"Totally positive and uplifting...a truly powerful percussion celebration" - Modern Drummer Magazine.

'Universal Healing is a seamless music travelogue of Africa Diaspora...that sustains love making, movement, meditation...and good intentions" - Attitude The Dancers' Magazine.

"Healing music...I like the best" - Jazz Critique Magazine.

Track Listing
Two Disc Set
  1. One ascension
  2. I believe
  3. Find my way
  4. Destiny
  5. Jump
  6. Universal healing part 1
  7. Universal healing part 2
  8. There's a reason for today
  9. Inner spirit
  10. Live in love
  11. Thankful for the blessings
  12. Our sacred earth
  13. Save the children of the world
  14. Prayer for my Father
  15. Luminous tranquility
  16. We are all one family
  17. Rites of passage
  18. A celebration of life
  19. Burning celestial fire
  20. Dawn
  21. We are all one family (inst.)
  22. A celebration of life (inst.)
  23. Burning celestial fire (inst.)
  24. Live in love (inst.)
  25. Universal healing part 2 (inst.)
  26. Destiny part 2
  27. Jump (inst.)
  28. Our sacred earth part 2 (inst.)
  29. Our sacred earth part 3 (inst.)
  30. One ascension part 2 (inst.)
  31. Hope for the world
  32. Find my way (inst.)
  33. Eternal light


Heritage O.P.

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A one of kind CD, percussion music for dance, exercise and aerobics is raw and fresh. A great Dance Class album, from beginners to professionals, for Modern, African, Horton, Improvisation, Choreography and Teaching. With rhythms from the African diaspora featuring sacred drums (all played by hands) and original chants. Your soul journey begins.

The song "Friendship" was used in the soundtrack in Mark Levin's motion picture titled "Brooklyn Babylon".

Quotes from the Leaders

"Rhythm to live by" - Sonny Rollins, Living Legend of Jazz.

"Absolutely riveting...totally inspiring" - Judith Jamison, Artistic Director at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.

"Intelligence and imagination...with a very unique style of it\'s own" - Chico O' Farrill, Grammy Award Winning Arranger, Composer & Conductor.


"Let yourself get wrapped up in the diverse...river of music" - Free Spirit Magazine.

"Africa's harvesting" - Newsday.

"Inspirational...with a soulful touch" - Weight Watchers Magazine

Track Listing
  1. Harmony
  2. Heritage
  3. Friendship
  4. Legacy
  5. Sojourn
  6. Jubilation
  7. Gratitude
  8. Conjurer